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Monday, August 24, 2015

SDCC Wednesday and Gini Koch

It’s Wednesday.  It’s SDCC.  It has begun.

Overly dramatic?  Eh, maybe.  Not if you have been eating and living SDCC for the last month.

The wife had to cancel at the last minute: WORK. Note the capitals?  Work is important.  As much as it might interfere with plans, it’s also what gives us the opportunity to make and partake in those plans.  The wife worked a lot of hours that week and throughout the weekend.

We (well, it was just I) stayed at the uber close hotel, Omni, this year.  Yeah, very cool. And the wife couldn’t enjoy that.  However, she did add her Omni rewards card to our room account.  That boon almost was a bust. When I wanted to check in, they said she needed to be with me.  Luckily everyone was calm and rational and that became a nonfactor very quickly.

Her card also allowed me to check in early.  Non-rewards people were being told to come back in a few hours when rooms were available for check in.  I got a nice room that overlooked the ballpark.  I could have watched the Padres play if they were in town.

I hung out in my room for 2 hours before meeting my SDCC friends.  Keep track of that.  I’ll get back to that later.

I met my friends. We got our badges. We walked around outside as we waited for the doors to open.

Once the doors opened, we had separate agendas.

As I was wondering through my list of booths to visit, I did see Amanda the Warner Bros Bag Dress Lady. AWBBDL for short.  She creates those amazing dresses and accessories out of the WB bags.  In fact, WB sends her the bags before the convention so she has time to create her masterpieces. While she wasn’t in a dress, we did chat and we now are following each other on twitter.  Sadly, that was the only time I saw her the whole weekend. I missed her newest creation.

I did wander over to the Mysterious Galaxy table to see Gini Koch. I just wanted to say 'hi/bye'. This was the one time all weekend I relatively sweat free.  We met. We hugged. We chatted. This was the fourth time I met her and she was just as personable as ever.  And somehow, the mesmerizer that she is, I bought two signed books.  As always, she was full of energy and charismatic. All our energy problems would be solved if we could harness her.  Obviously, 'hi/bye!' is not possible with Gini but that is a good thing.

A little later, I met up with my friends again. We did the Walking Dead booth several times trying to get a winning ticket for the cast signing but had no luck. Since it was close to closing time, we left.  I found a Subway and ate. Then I got home about 9:30PM.  I settled in and went to bed by 10PM.

The alarm woke me up at midnight and my Thursday began.  I spent 4 ½ hours in my uber close room on Wednesday. Two of them asleep.  The ‘joys’ of ComicCon.


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