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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Brian O'Halloran SDCC 2015

I passed by Brian O'Halloran’s table a few times before getting his autograph.  Often there were people hanging out and talking Clerks. I saw the movie. It was okay.  Good enough for me to want the autograph but not a life changing movie.  For a lot of fans, it was life changing. 

So when I saw that the crowd was gone, I dashed in and got my photo signed.  I apologized to Marilyn Ghigliotti, who was sitting next to him, as I didn’t need her as I got her last year.  I always feel slightly guilty when I don’t get everyone at the table. It’s not because they aren’t worthy, it’s that I don’t need…well, sometimes it’s because they aren’t worthy. But not this time.



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