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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scream Queens cast SDCC 2015

The last autograph I picked up at SDCC 2015 was the cast of Scream Queens.

The signing was at the Fox booth which had been very generous with a ‘stand by’ line all week.  By Sunday, everyone was trying to get into the ‘standby line’. People were demanding a ‘stand by’ line.  The crowd was slightly unruly and belligerent. Fox told the crowd there was no ‘stand by line’. Fox got security involved.  A particularly obnoxious couple refused to ‘move along’ when the security guards were attempting to usher them away.

While I have used the ‘stand by’ line several times and I’m not the first to leave when asked, I’m never rude or antagonistic. After 10 minutes of this display, I hoped the police would show and Taser these two.  In my opinion they were asking for it.  While Tasering is not what SDCC is all about nor is it about crass people being anti-social.

While the geeks romanticize SDCC into a modern Woodstock (peace, love, and beads), it’s not. It’s just like any large assembly of people: The good, the bad, and the ugly.  There are givers and there are takers.  This couple was like all people that start getting something for free, they felt entitled.

Once the word ‘police’ was floated out there, Security wondered off to ‘get them’. Really the guards just gave the couple some space.  This de-escalated the situation and the nasty couple wondered off on their own. They ‘saved face’ without having to appear like they were cowed into submission. Pretty smooth on security’s part.

By this time, I made my decision I was not going to try stand by for the next 2 signings.  The crowd was exhausted and turning ugly. It would only be worse at the end of the day. There was a bed in my hotel room that was calling my name.  That bed and I barely saw each other over the last 5 days. I wouldn’t mind a nap.

The signing started.  The first in line was Jamie Lee Curtis.  She was busy looking down just signing poster after poster mechanically. Several people just walked past her and she never looked up.  So I said ‘hi’. Her head popped up with a huge smile. She said hi back. I told her how much I loved True Lies and Trading Places.

I moved through the line very fast. Everyone was friendly and smiled and looked up but they were signing machines. Jamie Lee set apace and they were trying to keep up with her.

I was able to say to Lea Michele that I enjoyed Glee. I watched the first 3 seasons and enjoyed the music a lot.

I pasted by Emma Roberts without realizing.  A shame as I really like American Horror story.

And I didn’t recognize Abigail Breslin as she’s grown since Signs and Zombieland.

Also at the signing: Bille Lourd, Keke Palmer, and Sklyer Samuels.

That’s a very nice representation from the show and some very big names.


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  1. Great signing, glad to hear that Jamie Lee sounds nice :-)