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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rutina Wesley Austin ComicCon Wizard World 2015

For me, getting True Blood autographs has been impossible. I’ve missed out on the San Diego cast signings during their 7 year run.  This Wizard World show had two cast members.  While Austin is only a ‘three hour’ drive on way, it makes for a long day.

Of course, my drive down to Austin did not go as planned.  I was in a 2 ½ hour traffic jam.  After 5 ½ hours in the car, I was slightly frustrated.  The frustration increased as I could not find the box office for the convention. Silly.  I overlooked it as it looked like the weapons check table. It was the weapons check table but it was where I got my admittance wristband.

Once I got in line for Rutina Wesley, the calm was restored. She was friendly. She talked to people and laughed. She seemed to have it all under control. The couple in front of me got on the topic of musicals with her.  She asked what their favorite musical was. When I stepped up, I asked what her favorite was. I forgot which one she said but she mentioned she really wanted to do Chicago. And now you know.


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