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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Diana Nyad – B&N 11/2015

One of my Sci fi geeks friends tuned me on to Diana Nyad. (Thank you L.) I had seen her documentary on cable and it’s is an incredible accomplishment to swim from Cuba to Miami.

When I saw that Diana was coming to town to sign her book, I know I needed to attend.

Diana was a polished speaker. She spoke and then answered questions before she signed. She said a lot of interesting things across a lot of different topics. She spoke about her failures and her successes. She spoke about mental toughness and physical hurdles as she aged.

One thing she said that has stayed with me and it wasn’t about the swimming:
Sitting is the new smoking
Her point was we have become too sedentary. It’s something we are doing more and more of as a society. We need to spend more time standing if not walking.

I find this true about myself and have been trying hard to sit less and stand more.


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