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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vaughn Armstrong and Ethan Phillips – Creation Convention - Dallas 2016

After avoiding Creation Conventions for over a decade (maybe 2 decades), I temporarily lifted my ban on them and attended the Dallas show.  It was a Star Trek show and they had a few names that piqued my interest.

On Friday night of the convention, I picked up VaughanArmstrong and Ethan Phillips.  Both were nice guys. By the time I got them, they had been signing for 2 hours. It’s always interesting to see these guys interact with the fans. Trekkies can be hard to work with. These guys were nice and accommodating and smiling. I overheard some comments by the fans that made me wince and that made me appreciate the effort the celebs put out even more.

I was at the end of the line. The convention (rightly) allows the fans that paid for the better seats to go first.  It’s a nice system as everyone can stay in their seats and relax. Because I only paid for steerage, I was the last to be called.  Even with that, I still got done before a lot of others that paid for nicer seats. I didn’t need to stay for everyone that was signing at that time.


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