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Monday, May 16, 2016

Courtney Hope USA Film Festival

Courtney Hope walked right past me and my friends.  They were all distracted by another arrival. I was busy trying to find my photo of her. 

Courtney is very pretty and very friendly.  She was excited that people recognized her and her friends were thrilled that they were hanging out with a ‘celeb’.

As I handed over my photo, she looked at the photo and smirked.  One of her friend’s giggled. I told her upfront, I’m always impressed with martial art skills. We even exchange a couple of sentences about karate before another hound asked her for a signature.

The story could have ended right there…

One of the other actors at the film festival had passed me.  So I entered the theater lobby and got him to sign. As I was turning away, Courtney was there.  I side stepped to avoid bumping into her.  She recognized me and said hi.  Things were calmer inside the building. Just to make idle conversation, I confirmed she was from Dallas. She admitted she said grew up in Plano. I idly threw out the comment that I used to manage a 7-11 in Plano. She got excited. She asked which one. I told her. That was the one she always went to for her red Slurpee. She loved red Slurpees. She had to have one every day!  Did I remember her as a customer?

Okay…now I’m thinking quickly.  Retail was not my forte. I was not a very nice person when I managed a 7-11. It’s amazing my wife married. Through the retail hell flashbacks, I realize she is WAY too young to have been one of my customers. So I relaxed. 

I told her that was interesting. I told her that she won’t have liked me if I was there. I was always throwing the kids out.  She laughed.  She admitted the teenagers were a little obnoxious but she was always a good kid.   We both laughed.


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