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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

James Remar Texas Frightmare 2016

I have no right to say the movie The Warriors is meaningful to me.  I have no right to say it ‘speaks’ to me.  I shouldn’t say that I ‘get’ it.  Or even that I find it inspiring.

I’m an lower middle class kid from a homogenous small town.  I didn’t need to be in a gang to survive. I never got in a fight where weapons were needed. Yet the movie is a favorite.  A big favorite.  In college, we adapted a line from the movie:  When we see the ocean, we figure we’re home; we’re safe…my fellow dorm mates and I changed that to: when I see the Stadium, I think I’m home, I’m safe.  That won’t mean anything to anyone who didn’t live in the dorm that was in the football stadium.

James Remar has been in a lot of movie and shows I’ve seen. When I see him I always think of Ajax.  He signed for me. In a giddy way, I mentioned I loved his ‘wimps’ line in the movie.  So he added to the photo.



  1. Now I'm curious...which school has a dorm inside its stadium?

    1. Dayanara - thanks for reading the post. The U of Arizona has 3 dorms built into the Stadium. I spend 5 years in the one on the East side. There were 2 more dorms on the south side.