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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More Star Trek autographs - minor characters

I’ve admitted I have a soft spot for the actors that were in Star Trek. I’ve posted about Terri Garr, Kim Darby, Mariette Hartley, Clint Howard, Sherry Jackson, Tanya Lemani, Lee Meriwether, and Celeste Yarnall.

Over the years, I’ve picked up other autographs from Star Trek alumni.

I’ve also had a great time with Arlene Martel. We talked baseball and Hogan’s Heroes. I don’t remember much detail but she was just fun to talk to. I know I had to beg off as it was SDCC and you ALWAYS have someplace else you need to be. As I passed by her the over the next day or two she would smile and wave.

Also at SDCC but a different year, I met Barbara Luna.  She was very attractive. She was at a booth on the Expo floor.  Besides 8x10’s she also sold calendars of herself.  If I remember correctly, the photos in the calendar were rather revealing. I do know I tried hard not to look down her top. She was a fun flirt. She grabbed my arm and hugged me.  She teased me about being a gentleman.

I might have posted about Sid Haig before but most people don’t think of him from Star Trek. He was one of the hooded figures in Return of the Archons. I met him at a Texas Frightmare Weekend.

And Batgirl herself, Yvonne Craig was painted green as she played Marta in Whom the Gods Destroy. She was signing at a ComicCon in Plano.


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