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Friday, July 29, 2016

Kate Beckinsale Comicpalooza 2016

The other big reason I took a day off from work was to get Kate Beckinsale’s autograph. She is known for wearing black latex in the Underworld movies. She is just as pretty in person and seems to be genuinely friendly.

This was also a massive line and it also took a long time. While I did not have time to relate my anecdote to her, I have the time to do so here.

Back in the good old days of SDCC, the crowds were not so oppressive. You could wander in Hall H at the last minute to see a panel. Then decide it wasn’t for you and wander into Ballroom 20 without waiting. You would be in the back of the room but no big deal; you were there. In those days, I would venture into panels while waiting for the next autograph opportunity. I would just sit and rest. Maybe eat a protein bar and guzzle some water.

Back then, I sat through a panel for the movie White Out. It wasn’t a very good movie and the panel wasn’t all that interesting. The movie is a murder mystery set in the Antarctic.  At the panel Kate was asked about the cold and hardship of working in freezers all day. 

She is fully aware that she is pretty and considered sexy. She had just done 2 Underworld movies in a skin tight outfit and was comfortable with that. She is also British and has a sense of humor.  She mentioned one of the toughest things to get used to on the set of White Out was the quiet.  She paused. She further explained that she would bend over and it was silent on the set.  Another pause as no one understood where she was going. She then continued that her parka was so bulky no one was even looking at her.  When she wore her black outfit on the Underworld set, if she bent over, a dozen crewmen would grunt or whistle as they appreciated the view. Then the audience got it and laughed.


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