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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chef Duff SDCC 2016

This was the second year that I was aware that Chef Duff was at SDCC.  I was thinking the wife would attend the panel and possibly get the autograph for me.  That didn’t work out according to Hoyle. That’s ComicCon.

Even though I got to the panel early, it was capped. Even though I was surprised he was so popular, this is ComicCon, I should have expected that.  Even as they closed the room, there was already a line forming for autographs.  I kept my eye on that and found a place to sit and play Words with Friends.

Once the panel was over, 2 lines formed outside building for a signing. One for the kids in the audience and one for fans and guys like me.  Chef Duff was friendly and talked to the kids first. Then he stayed for the rest of us.  He had his own extra thick sharpie that didn’t work very well. I should have insisted he used my blue sharpie. Maybe next year. He did stay a while and chatted and signed for his fans. He was another nice and friendly guy.


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