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Monday, September 26, 2016

SDCC 2016 sleeping on the sidewalk

2016 was the year my buddies and I split shifts on the sidewalk.

Full Moon shining in my eyes
The goal was to be close to the front of the line when the doors opened in the morning.  Then you would hustle (without running) to get into the sail pavilion where you get in line for the WB autographs. 

If you are successful, you can get through the WB line more than once and possible have multiple autographs that day from their booth. Or just get through the WB line once and then get into the expo floor line where you hopefully get to the Marvel drawings. Or…

It all revolves around getting in line early enough to have options.  ComicCon is rough on the body and the mind.  We know pulling all nighters is devastating the next day at the convention. So we figured to split the night into three shifts.

ooooh     ahhhhhhh
I was getting in line at 9PM. I was to be relived at 1AM. I brought a towel from the hotel and got in line.  The towel was to give me a slight barrier between me and any insects on the ground.  Or any gum and crap on the sidewalk.

When I got I line, I warned the people around me that I had friends joining me later. Just so no one got upset about line crashers.   After that I didn’t socialize. I took my shoes off, placed the towel on the ground and tucked my shoes under one end of the towel.  Then I lay down and rested my head on the shoe pillow. I pulled my phone out and set the timer for 1 AM and held it in my hand. I closed my eyes and tried to rest.

the pretty colors....
First day on the sidewalk - Thursday sometime in the AM.  I was treated to a very bright full moon.  At some point in the night while I actually dozed, a thundering crack of steel echoed through the area as a cargo train stopped. the thunder was car after car colliding as the bumped into each other at the near shipping port.

Second day on the sidewalk - Thursday 10 PM. Fireworks at Petco Park. That is only 100 yards from where we were trying to sleep.

Third day on the Sidewalk – Friday night. After an hour Chatty Cathy finally ran out of steam while talking to her friend. She left. Yeah. Now friend feels he needs to keep up the conversation to some stranger. Ugh.  At midnight, I wake myself up with a loud snort/snore that scares me and about a dozen people. I apologize and roll over to cuddle with my shoes.
not quite ships passing in the night, but seen very early one morning

Once my buddy relived me, I caught the shuttle back to the hotel. I crawled into bed for a few hours of sleep. Then got up and showered and brought my backpack.  I might have said hello to the wife at some point.

Yes boys and girls, that is the glamour of sleeping on the sidewalk at ComicCon. 


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