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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Garry Chalk Geekinomicon Sept 2016

I drove up to OKC. That is Oklahoma City for the people that live on the coasts. I have never been before and it’s a small city with a small town feel to it. OKC was hosting Geekinomicon. I think this was the first time for this convention.

Once I got there, I walked around to get the lay of the land.
I got Gary Chalk’s autograph. Since the crowds were small, we had some time and chatted. We talked about a few topics. One was living within your means.  Sometimes that’s hard for an actor as the paychecks start coming in and they never expect them to stop.  Then they don’t save any money. That is a true statement for everyone but actors and athlete have some dramatic (pun intended) swings to their income streams.  Yes, it was an odd topic for two strangers to discuss. The conversation went there because Gary does some work with actors about money management. Again, this is something we all to learn more about.

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