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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tim Russ Geekinomicon Sept 2016

Tim Russ was also in OKC and I finally got him. I have not seen him listed at too many conventions, so for me, this was a good opportunity to add him.

It was the last autograph I picked up before I headed back to Dallas. (Ahem!  The wife standing behind me cleared her throat.  I turned and looked at her beautiful face. Her toe tapped slowly, implying I omitted something.  I raised an eyebrow in question. Two syllables fell from her lips: Poker.)
Let me restate that, Tim Russ was the last autograph I picked up in OKC before I headed to the casino and played poker for 10 hours. (Her job as arbiter of truth completed, I heard my wife leave the room.) Then I headed home to my dear and loving wife.

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