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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shannon Elizabeth ACCC 2016

Ahhhh, Shannon Elizabeth…heavy sigh…

(Smack to the back of the head by my lovely wife.  I turn and see her eying me.  The crossed arms pose tells me to keep it ‘just the facts’.)

Shannon Elizabeth…(I pause from my typing as from the corner of my eye I can see the wife’s weight shift forward) looks just as beautiful now as 10 years ago.

She had a very nice selection of photos and magazines to choose from. The one I chose was less risqué than others. (The wife’s weights shift away from me…)

Since she is an accomplished poker player I tried to impress her with poker talk. I assumed everyone else would chat about animals or her looks.  She mentioned she rarely had time to play poker when traveling.  I have a feeling she thought I was inviting her to a home game.  So I left with my photo and a failed smile on my face.

(The wife nods satisfactorily and then leave  the room.)


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