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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Louise Jameson – Chicago Tardis 2016

One of my SDCC buddies made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  He got Louise Jameson’s autograph at the most recent Dr Who convention in Chicago.   The character Leela is one of my favorite companions in Dr Who. She and K-9 were an interesting counterweight to Tom Baker’s portrayal of the Doctor.

While I prefer getting my signatures in person, I know the old school Dr Who actors don’t always make it down my way.  I also know the way ‘the fates’ work. Since I now have her autograph, ‘the fates’ will bring her down here for a show within the next year.  I say ‘fah’ to the fates. I accept that she will be here. I will dutifully get in line to have her sign something for me in person.

I also say ‘fah’ to the fates because I knew if I didn’t accept the kind offer from my friend, she would never come here. Then I wouldn’t have a single signature, let alone two.


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