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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Olga Korbut – Chiller Theater 2017

What in the name of the Hammer and Sickle was Olga Korbut doing at Chiller Theater?

I don’t know why she was in Parsippany, NJ but I was happy she was there.  I got this for my sister. My sister is a huge fan of gymnastics and ice staking and other things that bored me to tears.  I figured this was only a token of appreciation.  So I let my sister know about this token. She told me that I had tokenized her 20 years ago. I had gotten Olga one time at a National. I thought I had gotten a Romanian back then.

Oh well. That is why I write this blog.  The memory is going.

Olga was nice. She and her husband were two timing me with questions. He was asking about my shirt (Of course I was representing the UofA) as he wore his UCLA wind breaker. He was also telling me about living in Scottsdale.  Olga was trying to find out if I wanted it personalized or inscriptions.

Before I knew it, she was standing next to me. She asked me for my phone. She told me: We take picture. As the hubby was coming out from behind the table, she took my phone and handed it to him.  From the image you can tell he thinks I’m prettier when I sleep as my eyes are closed. He also likes his handler as he captured him peeking around the side. 

I left with a smile as it was comical and they were sweet people.


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