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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

PollyAnna McIntosh Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017

For once, I actually got out of work when I planned. So often a ‘crisis’ occurs when I want to leave that causes me to be delayed an hour or so. This time I actually got out when I wanted. To top that off, I didn’t run into any traffic.

Because of the chaos of Dallas Fan Expo for Walking Dead cast members, I wanted to get there early and I made PollyAnna McIntosh’s autograph the first thing I did. This way, if I needed to wait all night, I could.

Luckily I was ahead of the crowd and I didn’t need to wait long. As with all of the Walking Dead people I’ve met, she was very fan friendly. She had flown out Friday for Texas Frightmare. She needed to be somewhere Saturday and then she was going to fly back on Sunday for Texas Frightmare again. This makes for a very busy weekend. She was very dedicated to her fans.

While I try to stay away from photos that have multiple stars in then, I couldn’t pass up this image as it was so powerful.


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