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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chuck Norris ComicPalooza 2017

When Chuck Norris was announced for ComicPalooza, I knew I had to go.  I have always liked Chucked Norris. He doesn’t sign very often in public so this was going to be my best chance.

When I was first learning karate, his films were starting to come out.  While some of the early movies had over the top and unrealistic fights scenes, many of the movies had a grain of truth in the punishment received.   

As his career progressed, often the fight scene was started by the bad guy. It was not a fight just to prove whose kung fu was stronger. The fight wasn’t meaningless nor was it at a drop of a hat. The good guy had no choice but to fight.  Don’t get me wrong, not every Chuck Norris fight scene was like that but enough to make an impression on this teenager.

Chuck learned Korean karate. While everyone has heard of Tae Kwon Do, he (and I) learned Tang Soo Do (I won’t go into the differences…believe it or not, it’s political). In fact, he trained with Master Shin who I have met.

The signing for Chuck Norris was at the end of the day. I was tired. I got in line 2 hours early to be close to the front of the line. The signing went quick but I still had to wait for most of the VIP attendees to go first. The line stalled a few times as other celebs stopped by his table to get a selfie. Everyone was excited about his presence.

When I finally got some face time, I told him my favorite movie was Sidekicks.  He paused, almost as if he couldn’t believe what he heard, and then said that was his favorite also. While I wanted to tell him thank you in Korean, I refrained. I was thrilled to have my photo signed and exchange a few words.



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  1. I so wanted to be there with you. How long did you end up waiting in line? Was it better to get VIP? -B