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Thursday, June 1, 2017

EG Daily Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017

I would have totally missed this opportunity except for one of my autograph buddies. He and I were chatting and he mentioned that he was excited about EG Daily attending Texas Frightmare. Since the name did not ring a bell he gave more detail about her. Even then I had to look her up. I'm glad I did. I fondly remembered her from Pee Wee Herman’s movie.

You know, I don’t do table photos or selfies. Quite honestly, who wants to look at a photo of me? I certainly don’t.  As I was with the friends that ALWAYS try to embarrass me in front of beautiful woman (Ivy Doom Kitty or Sarah Underwood), they got me to pose. Yes, I have a BIG smile on my face.

EG was beautiful and friendly.  We chatted a little before and after the photo. It was not rushed. While I was embarrassed, I’m glad my arm was twisted and I did the photo.


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