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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dolph Lungrend Alamo City ComicCon 2017

I’ve actually been lucky enough to get Dolph Lundgrend’s auto a couple of times in San Diego. It was a promotional signing for Expendables and Expendable 2, if I remember correctly. Both times it was a mad crash to the booth. Even though I had a coveted wristband granting me ‘access’ to the signing, security was not allowing people to line up. Too many non-wristband people were crushing the booth and causing chaos.  As always, there is some shoving.  Not a mush pit shoving but it’s not Sunday school either. Luckily, I’m big and I’m usually not shoved much. Security will talk at me but I smile and nod agreement and keep my voice calm and they move along.

At Alamo City, I wanted a solo photo from Dolph.  I stood in line waiting for him to come back from a photo op with fans. He was nice and signed lots of memorabilia.  After a wait, we finally shook hands. He signed and I mentioned seeing him in San Diego. He nodded and tried to recall who was there with him.  I said Terry Crews and then I said I was having a hard time remembering the MMA fighter’s name.

 He said, “Yeah, the MMA guy. But it wasn’t Terry Crews.”

Huh? I was pretty sure it was Terry Crews. But that’s what I get for name dropping. I wasn’t going to argue.  Then he blurted out Randy Couture. I nodded and said thanks.  As I was picking up my photo to leave, he said the other guy was Terry Crews.

Yah, that’s right, Terry Crews! Thanks for remembering.  I would have bene wondering about that all day. Then I left.


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