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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Frank Miller Alamo City ComicCon 2017 - Serendipity and being unprepared

After I got Michael Beach’s autograph, I was ready to go home. As I was wandering through the vendor aisles, I heard an announcement that Frank Miller, who was only scheduled to sign on Sunday, was going to do an additional signing while I was still there.

While that was exciting, I really didn’t want to pay the price they were charging for Sunday (a VIP pass that was rather pricey). Then they announced the price they were going to charge for this surprise signing.  It was greatly reduced from the VP price. This made the surprise more tempting.

I slowly made my way to the signing area. I expected a rather long line of fans already queued for this additional signing.  The line was 3 people deep.  I figured something was wrong. As I was scoping everything out, a lady can up to me and asked if I wanted to be part of the signing. She confirmed the price and that only 3 people were in line.  It seemed the fates were pushing me toward this.

Because this was NOT on my radar, I had nothing to get signed. So I franticly hit a few comic vendors looking for something not too pricey that was Sin City, 300, or Dark Night. No luck. The last vendor suggested something else he worked on. I don’t know comics. I was at the vendor’s mercy. He pulled a few comics out. I choose the DareDevil because I thought the signature would show well on the cover.  I’ll admit I didn’t even negotiate the price.

As I stood in the short line, the people next to me looked at the comic in my hand and nodded appreciatingly.  When I got it signed, Frank didn’t say a word. He did give me the big signature that the cover ‘demanded’. The guys sitting with Frank commented about the comic he signed. They seemed to think this was a good choice.

Within 20 minutes, I learned that Frank Miller was signing; reduced his fee; had  a short line; found something ‘interesting’ to sign; and headed back to my car. That was a great way to end the convention.


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