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Monday, February 12, 2018

Madness Games and Comics Plano Jan 2018

There is a neat comic book store I have visited a few times. It is a large store; they do gaming; they have lots of genre merchandise; and they sell comic books. Or as the kids say: books. (Side bar: that irritates the hell out of me.  It ain’t a book.)

 Every now and then, they have some people in the store for autographs.  I must admit, the autographs are the primary reason I visit them. Usually the guests are from the Star Wars universe.  This signing was no exception.

On this trip, I picked up two autographs.  Brian Herring, who created and controlled BB-8 from the recent Star Wars trilogy. He is a pleasant fellow and very open to chatting. He enjoys sharing with the fans anecdotes from the set, this was a good opportunity to get him when his lines wasn’t too long.

The other signature was Paul Kasey. He was also in Star Wars as a costumed character.  However, I choose a photo from Dr Who. He was Ood Sigma.  I find the Ood an interesting race and their story while explored, probably has more than can be said. 

As this signing I met a few fellow hounds. After we got our ‘fixes’, we went out to eat and chatted the night away.


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