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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sonny Chiba Chiller Theater April 2018

Sonny Chiba sat at his table motionless. He watched the room with his eyes. He wore a kimono and had a set of swords near him at this table. He waited for his handler to present the next fan.

I have seen Sonny in more movies than I thought. He has a long resume of movies.  It seems even Sonny doesn’t even remember every movie on that long resume either.  The fan in front of me had DVDs (probably bootlegged) of movies with Sonny on the cover but Sonny, through his interpreter, said he didn’t remember some of those movies.  Then the fan would explain the plot. And the interpreter would translate that convoluted plot with only a few words.  Kind of funny.  The fan opened the DVD case and showed more photos from the movie and then Sonny nodded.

I wasn’t sure if the nod meant ‘yes, now I remember ‘or ‘whatever dude, I’ll sign’. Sonny signed several DVD cases for the fan.

Then the fan’s girlfriend came by. Yes, this fan had a girlfriend. Amazing, huh?  She spoke Japanese. And she spoke with enough confidence to explain those convoluted plots in Japanese without the interpreter. This time it took longer to explain those plots. Still, kind of funny.

Again Sonny nodded and added a smile. Again, I wasn’t sure if that was ‘yes, I now remember’ or ‘yes, yes, I’ll sign. Just go away!’


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