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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grumbly in my Tummy

As I got in line for Tom Felton (Malfoy – Harry Potter) I was told he was taking a break for lunch. No problem, I was pretty much on schedule for the autographs that day and I stayed where I was.  I did ask how long his lunch would be and I was told he got 30 minutes.  I smiled and said, “Only 30 minutes?  Gosh you guys crack the whip. Do you let him eat real food? Or is it from the convention center?”  I was told he got real food and they bring in take out for the stars.  No week old hot dogs or watered down soda that the rest of us are expected to purchase.
As the seconds passed, I started listening to the conversations around me.  The Brunette behind me had the perfect husband.  He poked his head around the corner asked if she wanted a soda then dutifully got it.  After he came back with that, he then scurried off onto another chore for her.  I HAD to mention that he made the rest of us (men) look bad.  She laughed. The Blonde behind her also laughed and asked where she found him and if he had a younger brother. That started the small talk between the three of us.
The Brunette (about 30) was getting the signature for herself. The Blonde (about 20) was getting one for herself and one as a gift for her friend back in New York.  The friend in New York was going to be SOOO jealous that she met Malfoy in person.  We joked that the Blonde should tell her friend that she got a kiss from Tom or even that she slipped him her phone number. Silly stuff but it passed the time.
There was a lot of excitement over this actor. Earlier in the day he popped his head out of the room and 30 girls AND ladies that were waiting for a glimpse of him squealed like Elvis walked out of the room.  There were a lot of kids in this autograph line but a lot of women too.
My curiosity was piqued. As the Blonde and Brunette talked, I started inserting some questions about this excitement.
They both agreed a big part of the thrill was that he was in Harry Potter and they grew up with him and watched him grow up. But he was also sexy. So I followed up stating he was a bad guy. They both agreed that he was bad but he didn’t WANT to be bad. So that made him a good enough to squeal over. I laughed as it seemed so cliché – good girls love the bad boy.  They admitted it was cliché but accurate.
Before long, Tom came back from lunch.  Yes, there were a few squeaks that trumpeted his arrival.  He smiled and waved to the people in line and sat down and got to work.
A young boy, maybe 8 years old, was the first in line. He wore a cape and Potter–like glasses.  Tom smiled and apologized for making him wait. With a mild British accent, he said his tummy was all grumbly and he just had to get a bite to eat.  He asked the boy if he knew what that was like.  The boy was clueless about the exchange but Tom seemed honest in his regret about the wait he put us through.
Another young child came up, younger than the first. Tom told the little one how brave he must be to approach him.  After all, he was the dreaded Malfoy and the bully of Harry. He mentioned a lot of boys his age would cry when seeing Malfoy in person.  Again, the little one was clueless about what was being said. Hopefully the parents understood and would remember and then tell this story when the kid was older and could understand.
I found it heartwarming that he tried interacting with each child.  After the success of Harry Potter and how many years of his life were involved in the franchise, I could understand if he was jaded with the fans.  That was definitely not the case here, he seemed genuinely trying to make each encounter special.
When I got my turn to approach, I handed over the photos with the little yellow stickies on them spelling out the names for the personalization.  He asked if I was Bree and I said no, that was my nephew.  Then he asked who was Aiy was and I told him that was my niece.  He mentioned I must be a good uncle to do this for these kids. I laughed and I said I just hope they remembered this when I’m old.  Hopefully they would put me away in a good home. He laughed back.  
Later that day as I was leaving the convention and walking back to my car, I saw him behind the building away from the crowds making a phone call.  I said hello as I walked past and thank him for coming out to Texas.  He waved back with a smile. This being his personal time and he was off the clock, he still smiled and waved instead of turning his back and ignoring me.  I really think he is one of the good guys and I was glad I got to get his autograph.

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