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Monday, October 18, 2010

Jenna Bush

My parents were in town when this signing occurred. The bookstore hosting the signing had rented out the local high school auditorium and Jenna had an opportunity to do a reading from her book, Ana’s Story.
Since Jenna was the daughter of a sitting President, security was high and we had bags checked and we walked through metal detectors before entering the auditorium. Besides the police, we had secret service agents and the ever vigilant school cops to contend with.
Jenna spoke well and fielded a few questions from the crowd; nothing political and none too sensitive or personal. Her engagement was just announced so of course a couple of questions were about the wedding plans.
After the reading, my wife, Kae, begged out and promised to watch our coats and bags. So my parents and I got in line while Kae started reading Jena’s book.
The line wrapped in front of the stage and up the side stairs and through the stage curtains. Several secret service agents were present inspecting the line as they casually checked everyone out.
I did notice a second glance at my cell and pager. Not many people carry a beeper anymore and to have one and a cell phone is unusual. Before I could offer to let him look at my devices, he okayed me to approach the table where Jena sat and signed the books.
She signed my parent’s book and they walked off the stage. I got to the table and said hi.  She smiled back and started to sign.  During her reading she mentioned that she talked at a grade school earlier in the day. So while I was waiting for her to finishing signing I asked if she attended that school. She said no and asked if did.  I told her I was from Jersey and just a transplant to Texas. Then I asked why that school. She got excited and sat straighter in her chair. She told me a few things and I nodded appropriately. Before I could follow up with another question, one of the bookstore handlers was tugging on my sleeve and I knew the cue to go. I picked up my book and thanked her and left.
When I join my parents and wife they all wanted to know what we were talking about. Looking confused I asked why. They said no one else was talking to her. She became very animated with me.  I joked that I asked her out on a date but she said no.
My dating bon mot wasn’t funny as I hoped so I admitted I just asked about the school she visited earlier in the day and it seemed to be the right question at the right time.

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