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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Batman and Robin

Adam West and Burt Ward attended Wizard World’s ComicCon in Austin. 
Adam West was first. He was gracious and asked what I did for a living. As I told him, I started to explain the job functions and he calmly stopped me.  He told me knew what I did. Was I skeptical?  Yeah.  I figured he didn’t want to hear it. I don’t blame him. Did he see the skepticism on my face?  Maybe.  He then started to describe what he thought I did. And he wasn’t too far off.
And somehow we started talking about outsourcing and how I was working with guys In Egypt. His comment was – Oh that must be tough. You can’t drink there.  I really laughed.
I then slid on over to Burt Ward. He wore a Gentle Giants shirt which I figured was for the movie studio. He was busy entertaining a few people. He had his smart phone out and showing everyone the photos. They were photos of his dogs.
Over the last 15 years he had been a rescue person and he mentioned he has saved over 10,000 dogs.  The name of his organization was Gentle Giants.   He had photos of 20 huge dogs in bed with him and the wife. He had a photo of a Great Dane on its hind legs towering over him. The other photos were of the herds of dogs everywhere in the house and on the land.
He mentioned he was currently working on a reality TV show with Adam West narrating about his dog rescue. It was still in the pilot stage and being shopped around so it hasn’t sold to a network yet. It seems a natural for Animal Planet though.
You heard it here first.
He was so passionate about his dogs. It was fun to see and it made you feel good as you walked away.


  1. Batman - great autograph. I've never gotten a signature from him but have always wanted an Adam West autograph in my collection. Keep up the great work! Send me an email when you can. Let's chat!

  2. Hey, Adam West looks pretty good! I always loved his Batman...just a little sardonic twinkle in his eye. I like that in a super hero!