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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron – the autograph session that never was

Disney was promoting Tron Legacy at the 2010 ComicCon.  They had a panel scheduled. They had actors in attendance. They had a Light Cycle and a Recognizer on the convention floor.

They even had a small autograph session planned. Well, that is what we all thought.  We got to the convention at 7AM that morning and found the lady holding the bag of wining raffle tickets.
After a few times through the line I got my winning ticket and my cryptic wrist band telling me the room and time to show up.
The only thing we were told was the wrist bands were for a Disney movie.  Disney hadn’t told ComicCon what movie they were holding the signing for but what else could it be?  
Were they promoting Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Toy Story 3?  No.  They were promoting Tron.  It was the long awaited sequel. It was even promoted the year before at ComicCon when Disney took over a small video arcade and converted it into Flynn’s.
Disney was selling and we were all excited about getting this chance to for some Tron related autographs.
The excitement was electric among us. We were all there at the designated room early.
Without much fanfare we were herded into the room. A lone man was signing at the table. He was busy signing his name at the bottom of a poster.  No one recognized him. From across the room, the poster did not look Tron-ish.  You could sense the frustration from the people working the room. You could feel the disappointment from the ‘winners’ as they walked to the table and picked up a movie poster for 999 Ghosts.
This, if I’m correct, is not a movie but a new ride at Disney World.
We left crestfallen.
The next day we heard about some issue with the actors. Since all of them couldn’t attend the signing, they cancelled it. Then later that next day another group of lucky winners got a poster signed by the cast.
It was a letdown but that’s how things work. So many times I luck into something; it’s only natural for me to luck out of something.
PS – Just got back from the movie and I loved it.

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