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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ghost Hunters

This is actually my parent’s tale but since they don’t have a blog, I’m stealing it.
Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are longtime friends and are the lead investigates on Ghost Hunters which airs on SyFy. Over the last 5 or 6 years it’s a franchise.
I enjoy the show. I’m skeptical about ghosts and even the show’s findings but I watch. I enjoy it. It’s something I find relaxing. It’s a guilty pleasure.  Before you point a finger at my guilty pleasure – what about your guilty pleasure?  I bet you watch Idol, don’t you?
A few years back, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson came to San Diego for ComicCon.  The Ghost Hunters’ team even did an episode while there. The two of them were scheduled for a panel and to answer fan’s questions. At the last minute they no showed. Frustrating.  I was disappointed as I hoped there would have also had a signing.
Now they published a book, Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown and they had a book signing scheduled.  I’m excited.  The only problem – it was in Jersey. I’m in Texas.
The signing was at Book Ends.  I have to admit, this is one of my favorite book stores and I’ve NEVER been in it. The store has a lot of big names that come in for signings. It’s the Autograph Hound’s dream come true. If a celebrity has written a book and they have a limited tour, Book Ends will be one of the few stops. It’s amazing the connections they must have to get those big names time after time. A small local book store that brings in top shelf names to sign and they even have extra copies to purchase afterwards.
I found out about Book Ends through the internet. I saved their website and now and then I’ll check out who is scheduled to appear. Once a year or so, I’ll ask my parents to make the drive and get me a book. 
I know Jersey is small but getting anywhere takes twice as long as you’d think. It’s not like driving down the street to get a gallon of milk. It’s a trip for my parents. They are always obliging and willing. But I don’t want to abuse them either.
Mom and Dad tell me it’s exciting.  The hunt of the autograph doesn’t affect them but getting out and seeing the crowd and interacting with the people in line is fun for them. Plus it’s a chance to do something for their favorite son - that’s me by the way. Don’t let the fact that I’m their only son side track the issue that I’m their favorite son.
I do feel guilty sending them out to do my job. Standing in lines for several hours is never fun.  It’s a long drive; usually with a lot of traffic. Coming home afterwards is at night. Often the line is wrapped around the building so they are exposed to the heat or cold or whatnot. That’s why I try to limit them to one excursion a year.
Mom doesn’t have a clue who these guys are. Dad watches SyFy a lot and knows of them but he doesn’t watch their show. My parents have nothing vested in this other than the love for their FAVORITE son. Kind of makes you all choked up, huh?
Dad brought the camera and Mom got the book signed. She was about to leave as she had nothing to say.  Jason stopped her and asked how she was. Then thanked her for coming out to see them.  Then Grant piped up and told her how much they appreciated her being there.  Mom was charmed.
I’m also charmed.  Jason and Grant had already signed a ton of books. They knew there was a long line outside but they made sure to take a few seconds to say hello and say thank you.
So that’s my parent’s tale I told while it wasn’t mine to tell.

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