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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rob Schneider – You can do it!

I was told that Rob Schneider was going to perform at the Addison Improv and he often signs after the show.
I’m sure you remember him from Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo. He is often in movies with Adam Sandler and he played a small albeit iconic role in The Waterboy where he shouts out ‘You can do it!’
I got to the Improv about an hour before his show ended. I wasn’t sure where he was going to be and I wanted to scout out the place. The Improv is on the second floor of a building which is shared with a piano bar. The corridor is narrow. One of the employees from the Improv was constantly shooing people out of the corridor before the next show started. I’m assuming it was for fire code reasons. She was a ‘tough one’.  I just hung out by the stairs and I must have looked like I was waiting for a date as she never bothered me.
When Rob Schneider’s finished his show, a few people left but more were standing by the Improv’s door taking pictures. I walked over to the entrance and wondered if I could walk in. I took a quick photo and the ‘tough one’ started telling people to move and ordering people to do this and that. She made some comment about if you wanted a photo you needed to get back inside and get in line.
I took that as an invitation.
I swam up stream to the back of the line and started the slow process back to Rob.
He was gracious and posed with everyone. He signed anything. He was selling CDs and t-shirts that read ‘You can do it!’  Unlike other actors that had a trademark, he embraced this and genuinely seemed at ease with it.  It was good to see no irritation as a fan or two would shout out his catch phrase.
He was personalizing everything.  As time passed, he ended up more in the corridor and outside people would butt in and he just calmly posed with them and shook their hands or signed something for them.
As I stood in line the lady in front of me assumed I saw the show.  She commented on this joke or that.  I just nodded my head and smiled appropriately.   She was impressed I brought some DVD covers for him to sign. I told her I was hoping I‘d get this chance so I was prepared.
When I got to the head of the line, I handed over the Deuce Bigalow cover and the cover from The Animal.  He asked my name and signed them both.  He added the comment that ‘Deuce Bigalow loves you’.
I shook his hand and thanked him and left.
I need to thank ‘anm2231’ at the Texas Autograph Club for the heads up.  I would have never known about this without his posting.



  1. I would like to invite you to my autograph board as well (TAC was 2nd in the free boards)

  2. Thanks for the invite! I just signed up.

  3. OMGOSH that is awesome!! rob schneider is so friggin hilarious!

  4. Kirstin - I should have thought about you. Next time.

  5. That was great that he was so nice. I like hearing about celebrities that aren't too "big" to remember their fans. Plus, he's really funny. ;-)


  6. Yes, it's great to meet nice down to earth people. I can only hope I'll be as humble when I hit it big. :)