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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rangers Winter Caravan

This is a great time of year of for baseball autograph hunters.
All of the teams are trying to sign up their season ticket holders. They have players appearing in various locations throughout the towns and communities surrounding their host cities.  Whether they call it a ‘Caravan’ or a ‘FanFest’ or a ‘Dinner’, it means the same thing: accessibility to the players.
Which means people like me; I get the autographs that have become much harder to get at the ballpark.
Last weekend I attended the Rangers’ Caravan stop in Frisco. That’s my town; very convenient for me to drop on by. It was at the minor league park and the Rangers had 4 players and 2 coaches appear.
Because of the success of the Rangers last year (World Series appearance), the crowds that were normally 200 people at this event, swelled to 500 or more people. So the Rangers have limited the number of autograph for each player.  In the past, I finished with one guy and then got into another line until I had everyone.  
Even with the restriction I was able 4 autographs. I was happy. There’ll be other stops over the next few weeks where I can pick up more signatures.
Besides these 4 autographs, I was also able to get the Rangers’ new owner (Managing Partner) and CEO to sign a ball. He had an autograph table like the players and was very friendly and accessible.  He wore broken in sneakers, non-designer blue jeans and a sweat shirt.  He sat and greeted people and idly chit chatted. He wasn’t a bundle of energy or uptight.   
This is a nice change from the previous owner and hopefully bodes well for the franchise and fans.


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