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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Elizabeth Dahl – Blithe Spirit

My wife, Kae, and I went to El Paso to visit some friends from college.  It was a short trip but it was good to see them since we hadn’t seen Jaem and Elde since ComicCon 2009.
The city of El Paso is not like Dallas. It’s smaller and there is less to do there. So our friends recommend we see the play, Blithe Spirit, at the El Paso Playhouse. It’s a small theater and draws a small crowd.  After the show, the cast gathers near the front doors and chats with the crowd as they leave; very personable and hospitable. 
This is where I bumped into Elizabeth Dahl.  As I talked to her and a few other people I didn’t think anything of it.  To be truthful, it was a way to pass the time and I was getting tired.
The next morning we headed to Las Cruces, New Mexico to check out a small Mexican restaurant we heard good things about. La Posta is in Old Mesilla (as opposed to New Messila?) not very far from Las Cruces.  We were about to sit down when I recognized Elizabeth. 
I made my way to the table and said hello and Elizabeth was kind enough to invite us to have lunch with her and her hubby.  We ended up talking for hours and afterward walked along the town square window shopping.
Before we broke from lunch I opened my backpack and pulled out my trusty Sharpie and the playbill from the night before.  She graciously signed it. You could tell she was slightly embarrassed but also very excited to have someone recognize her away from the theater.
The rest of the weekend was not nearly as eventful but we did have a great time with our friends.


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