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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fan Packs part II

I received 3 more fan packs over the last few days.  I originally sent out my requests on 1/11/11, about 6 weeks ago.
The Houston Astros included a pocket schedule, a player card, and a small sticker for the car window.
The Dallas Cowboys included 2 team photos from the 2010 team, 2 team photos from the 2009 team, 3 pockets schedules, and 2 brochures for the various fan clubs they have.
I must admit the New York Yankees have sent the most impressive fan pack to date.  They sent 2 Yankee pencils, 2 nice looking Yankee key rings, 5 business cards with the schedule on them, and 2 cloth emblems with glue on the back so you can attach them to a backpack or maybe a shirt/jacket. They also sent a nice looking activity book for kids. It has connect the dots, and coloring, and etc.  While the Yankees are the nemesis of my Phillies, I can see why they are known as a class act.
Then the oddity, I got another Dodger fan pack in the mail. Not sure why. It mirrored the first fan pack.
After 6 weeks I have received a response from all of my requests except the one team I was really interested in: The Phillies. I had read something online (unofficial/unconfirmed) they no longer send fan packs out to anyone outside of the Tri-State area (Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) which might explain the issue. Or since they did win the World Series on 2008 and returned to the World Series in 2009 they have a lot of requests and are slower than the other teams.
Waiting patiently in Texas…

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