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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hazel Mae MLBN TTM

Hazel Mae has been on my radar to get ever since I started watching the Major League Baseball Network (MLBN) on my DirecTV a couple of years ago.
The caliber of talent on MLBN is high and she doesn’t disappoint. She asks insightful questions and has a manner about her that works well with the players she is interviewing.  I love watching the morning recaps she hosts during the season.
Okay, I‘ll admit it, I find her very cute. Yes, her cuteness is a large part of the motivation to get her autograph.  And yes, my wife does know I get distracted by Hazel.
When the Texas Rangers were in the 2010 Post Season, it seemed that Hazel was traveling with the team.  She was doing reports with the players after the game and giving updates.  I was excited as I figured I would run across her at some point while she was in town.
When the wife and I attend Game 5 of the World Series, I forced my wife to hang out after the game for over an hour in hopes I would catch a glimpse of Hazel and get her to sign something for me.
Alas, it was not to be…our paths never crossed.
I had tried emailing her and emailing the PR people at MLBN to ask about their procedures for requesting autographs. I never heard back from them so I took the plunge and sent a baseball Through The Mail (TTM).
I followed the advice I got from some members of the Texas Autograph Club about the finer points of sending a ball TTM and went to the post office.
There is never a guarantee that you will receive a response nor even get your item back.  TTM can be costly and some people takes months or years to respond if ever.  Also, with TTM you don’t get to meet the person or have a chance to talk to them.  But I really wanted her signature.
So knowing this was a long shot I was very surprised I received a package back with 25 days.
My wife laughed as I ripped open the mailer like a Christmas kid.  It was my ball.  It was in the box I sent.  I pulled it out and turned it around and found the autograph.  I was beaming.  My wife was shaking her head in embarrassment for me.
It was legible and on the sweet spot and she included the inscription of MLBN.  What more could a guy ask?
Honestly, the rest of the night I was smiling over getting this. Then I would laugh at myself for getting so excited over getting this. I can be such a silly boy at times. That is an aspect a lot of autograph collectors have – they still are in touch with their inner child.



  1. The girl is a class act !

  2. While I have never meet her personally, I agree, she seems classy. Thanks for the comment!