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Monday, February 14, 2011

Rue Morgue

I’ve come across the Rue Morgue website several times over the years but never really spent any time there.
It’s a horror site that doubles as a radio program or vice versa. I’m sure I have it all wrong but feel free to let me know what I’m missing. Really, let me know- I’m s clueless at times.
In the past, I found the site a little confusing and the content wasn’t what I wanted/needed so I was quickly gone.
Recently my surfing took me back and being a little more experienced as a surfer I found some content that really impressed me.  That was their Horror Events Calendar. They also call it their Rue Morgue Almanac. I’m not quite sure why I missed it before, maybe because I found the site hard to navigate or maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.
I found it to be extremely comprehensive and the listings are for events large or small including some international events. The international events aren’t just Canada and Mexico. Its places like Spain and South Africa.  I actually spent the time going through each month of the current year looking at what they had listed and compared that against the events I know about.  From Blob Fest to ComicCon, they had it all. The result was I didn’t realize what was out there. Horror conventions are alive and well in the USA.
One of the impressive things about the calendar was the links to the events worked. As you know, it’s always irritating to have a bad link or even one that is referring to a past show.  So end the result is you aren’t sure if the show is valid or it’s just a bad link.
I’m going to add Rue Morgue as one of my resources and I hope you at least visit the calendar to see what’s in your neighborhood.


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