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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Katee Sackoff Sci Fi Expo

Katee Sackoff is much prettier in person.
 I was never a hormone driven Starbuck fan. I thought the detail and depth of the character was intriguing but she didn’t do anything for me. In person, she had a charisma and beauty I never saw on the TV screen.  Maybe I was turned off by Starbuck’s tattoos?
There were a few people hanging around her table and she was being entertaining. She mentioned a lot of the photos she brought were already gone. Mostly the Battlestar Galactica photos were all bought. She mentioned at her last show people were gobbling up her Bionic Women photos.  Go figure.
Someone asked what a group of photos were from that he didn’t recognize. She said that was some photos she posed for to raise money for her charity. Since no one asked, and this is a lesson I learned from my friend Ess, I asked what charity. Yes, she did beam.  The money is sent to a different group each year. Last year was to New Orleans and this year will be for a college scholarship. Very nice of her.
I love this photo. I love Big Bang Theory and this was a fun episode that Katee appeared in.
She asked if I wanted it personalized. I told her just her signature would be fine. Her brow creased and asked if I wanted any phrase put on it. Now it was my turn for a brow crease.  I hesitated and then asked if she had some thing in mind.
Yes she did.
With a big smile she wrote the ‘Rub A Dub Dub’. I was laughing as she did it.
Very creative.



  1. That's cute! The Big Bang Theory is one of the few sitcoms I actually watch. Very cool!

  2. I wonder what the other actor would add if he signed this photo...?