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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pamela Anderson – the Superbash

Of all of the events from the Superbowl week in Dallas, this was the one I wanted to hang out at the most.
I really wanted to get Pamela Anderson’s autograph. It wasn’t quite a Grail Quest but it would have meant a successful week for me.
Of course the weather didn’t cooperate. I didn’t go out the previous 2 nights of parties to figure out how the whole Red Carpet Process worked.  I know the Red Carpets were moved indoors so the celebrities would have very limited time outside in the nasty weather which meant less time with the great unwashed (i.e. me).
I thought about buying a ticket to this event but the price was out of the budget. Plus I would have looked totally out of place in blue jeans (I wear Wranglers NOT  7 For All Mankind ), sneakers, and a backpack.
Based on the advice and encouragement I got from a fellow blogger/autograph hound (King Grapher at Hollywood Autograph News ), I camped out in one of Dallas’ swankier hotels. Of course you never know where anyone is staying but the location of this hotel was just across the street from Pamela Anderson’s event. It seemed like a good bet.
I found a place to park and walked through the 3 inches of snow to enter the lobby.
On the way in I passed a Bugatti sitting in a prime valet spot.  Everyone was looking at the car. I even gave it a second and third look.  Then I realized the owner and his wife/girlfriend/escort was still inside. After 30 minutes they exited the car.  Have no idea what they were doing. I just hoped the tipped the valets a good amount.
Inside the lobby I found a couch and casually watched the people entering and leaving the hotel. I did notice a few people that were ex-football players. Other guests came up to them and posed for pictures or got a signature. But I wasn’t here for football players. I wanted Pamela.
 I waited and watched and tried to be unassuming so security wouldn’t have an issue with me hanging out. After 3 hours I didn’t see her.
Now comes the learning curve – I assumed since the party started at 9PM Pamela would be on hand to greet the guests entering.  I figured I missed her while I was at the hotel and I went across the street to check things out.
A few cars drove up but no Limos so no one important was arrving.  I walked up the entrance where a security man politely stopped me. He told me that the Press needed to enter ‘over there’.   I guess I had that look going for me. I should have gone over there but I didn’t.
I told him I was looking for a good spot to get autographs. He told me this wasn’t the party for that and no one was allowed to hang out.  We had 10 other security guys looking at us. I was fairly intimidated. So I meekly asked where I could stand.  He repeated I couldn’t hang out.  He told me to go to Main St as a few parties were taking place there and I could get a lot of autographs.  I told him that Pamela wouldn’t be there. Then he said she was already inside.
So I gave up and left.
The lessons learned –
1)  No one shows up to these things until late. Like late late – Probably 11PM or later.
2)  I wasn’t patient enough. I was too early. I did not embrace my Inner Cow
3)  Don’t believe security - there are there to keep the peace.  My wife told me that the news was still waiting for Pamela to show after I got home.
4)  I could have hanged out a little way off as it was public property.
That all adds up  - no Pamela Anderson autograph.


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