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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Superbowl came to town and I got…

To brush up on my inclement driving skills for the week leading up to the big event.
Road rage from the people driving 10 MPH on the clear dry parts of the road and road rage from the people driving 50 MPH on the bumpy icy parts.
To put 300 miles on my car driving around in the snow and ice to various autograph opportunities.
To sit in a swanky hotel lobby for three hours waiting for Pamela Anderson but only saw a bunch of boring old football players.
To talk to a security guard who told me Pamela Anderson had already arrived at the party so there was no use to wait…my wife told me Pam arrived AFTER I left.
To play in a charity poker tourney and got knocked out within 30 minutes by losing to the same guy three times  when I had the better starting hand…and because I didn’t make it to round 2, I didn’t see any celebs.
To memorize 32 process steps for my PMP test while waiting for the celebs to arrive at the Maxim party…again, the celebs arrived AFTER I left.
To realize I’m not as good at this as I thought.
To realize I have a lot to learn.

These were all good experiences even though futile (expect the memorization).
Until the next Superbowl…


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