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Saturday, February 5, 2011

ComicCon tickets on sale and now gone

Did you get your tickets?
I hope so.
The wife did the work and went through the frustration of registering on line for a 4 day pass and after several hours only managed to get a single day tickets for each of the 4 days. 
Yuck. Not the preferred way of attending ComicCon.  And no preview night.  Did I say yuck?  Double yuck.
I have attended the last 6 years and watched the convention grow and the tickets sell out faster each year but this year’s pace and complications has me flummoxed. The demand on the tickets seems to have a taken a quantum leap.
Typically the single day ticket holders are at a disadvantage to the 4 day holder.  This will affect how I attend the convention unless I’m able to get the 4 day pass or get all 4 days of badges at once.
As it stands, this convention will be very different for me.  I expect I won’t be a happy camper.
One of the strengths of man is his ability to adapt. So I’ll be embracing my Inner Cow and finding new paths to my grazing land.
Too metaphorical? 


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