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Friday, February 4, 2011

Yvonne Craig Sci Fi Expo

Not only was Yvonne Craig Batgirl, she was also Marta in Star Trek’s Whom Gods Destroy.
Marta..? You don’t know Marta?  She was an insane Orion Slave Girl smitten with Kirk.  Didn’t help?  She was also green...that helps, doesn't?
Again, this was the end of the day and not long before the actors were going to leave.  I stood behind a guy chatting her ear off about numbers.
He mentioned something about 7 being his number. Both Yvonne and her friend/handler smiled. The handler mentioned they had a friend that wrote the most boring book about the number 7. I then discovered Yvonne’s number is 8. My first thought is Numerology.  Then someone in the small group listening to the exchange mentioned this. I noticed Yvonne had that smile on her face I use when someone confused Astronomy and Astrology.
It’s that slight sad/happy smile stating I understand your confusion and I also understand there is a bridge between the two subjects but you are nonetheless wrong but thank you for playing. Try again soon.
I have no idea what the counterpart to Numerology would be.  Feel free to clue me in.
So I get to the front and I pick out a Batgirl photo. She pulls out a purple a Sharpie. I smile and mentioned that purple will look nice. She smiled back and said the kids really like that.  She also uses green Sharpies for the Marta photos.  It’s a little thing but it’s a nice detail that shows she cares.
Then I confessed to being a huge Trekkie and never realized Marta and Batgirl where both her. She hears that all the time. Batgirl’s face is covered half the time and Marta was green with short hair.   It’s hard to make the connection.
She also had copies of her book at the table. I briefly thought about getting one and having her sign it but declined.  As I look at the book on Amazon, I think I goofed. 


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