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Thursday, April 21, 2011

R Lee Ermey - Gunnery Sergeant

Does the name ring a bell?  It might not.
To me, he is the iconic drill sergeant that makes grown men cower and weep under his glare.
You most likely know his voice from Toy Story or as THE Drill Sgt from Full Metal Jacket.  R Lee Ermey has even done a Geico commercial.
So I found it very odd when my wife poo-poo-ed the idea of giving a friend my extra copy of his autograph. (Sorry, you aren’t the friend I’m referencing. Maybe next time; thank you for playing.)  She was pretty adamant that the friend won’t want the autograph.  If I was going to insist on giving the signature, maybe they could use the picture frame for a GOOD photo.
Wives. So egocentric – If she doesn’t know who he is, then he’s not anyone important.  Just wait until he’s on Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Apprentice. Then she’ll be bragging about the autograph and how great a gift it was – like it was HER idea; like SHE stood in line 3 hours to get this.  Just you just wait.
This signing was at Calebas.  It was part of the Grand Opening celebration and a line had formed outside as we waited for the store to open.  The place ended up being packed. I had the good fortune of meeting some fellow collectors and we chatted to pass the time.
The Gunny was tall and looked strong enough to take us on if we got out of line.  He has a presence. He came in, looked around, and then got started.  He came in character.  Once he started, he dropped the character and he didn’t look mean at all.  He was full of smiles and handshakes and was very generous with his time. Don’t let the photo mislead you.  He wasn’t yelling at me for taking his photo.  He was actually listening to someone and about to respond. While it wasn’t flattering, I thought ti was very in character so I’m posting it here.
I handed over the picture I brought to have signed. He autographed it and then picked up one of his promotional photos and signed it too. I didn’t even have to ask. He then asked if I wanted it personalized and I said yes.
One of the Cabela’s people asked if I wanted to pose with him.  I said no, I don’t take good pictures.  She quipped back: But HE does.  I laughed but declined.
I was happy enough with two signed photos I could have dropped and given 20.



  1. Hey, that's me in your picture. Well the side of my face anyways!

  2. Ccongrats on making my blog. Hope you don't mind. And thansk for reading it too.