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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ivanka Trump – I owe you an apology

I sincerely want to apologize. While I wasn’t harshly rude, I do feel I didn’t represent myself or my fellow autograph collects very well. This has been gnawing at me much like a loose tooth keeps a kid busy until it comes out. I just want to pull ‘my tooth’ and get this off my chest.
Ivanka, you came to Dallas last week for an event a Brachendof’s Jewelry store.  This caused a lot of buzz in the autograph community.  Two other collectors and I were sitting at a park bench waiting for you to come. It was a beautiful day and we were busy swapping stories about some of our adventures.
As we are talking, a black car drove up and I saw a chauffeur. I stood up and picked up my backpack. I turned to the other two guys to tell them that’s Ivanka Trump in the car.  Before I even finished the sentence they were both walking up to you and had items out ready for you to sign. 
I went to catch up to them. I struggled with my clip board that had your photo.  I was walking up as you finished with them and I was now struggling trying to get my Sharpie out.  I stopped in front of you and froze; Sharpie still hidden in my bag.
Somehow I noticed you already had a Sharpie and I stopped digging in my backpack and held up my clip board.  I never said a word.  I don’t even think I smiled.
You approached and then paused and looked me in the eyes and said, hello.  Did I look scared?  I thought that was so generous of you to take a second to acknowledge me.  It’s a small thing to do, the pause and quick look in the eyes, to acknowledge the person you are across from. It’s not a wasted gesture.  I HOPED a mumbled out a ‘hello’ back to you but I know I was off my game and I don’t think I said anything.
You signed my photo and you paused and looked at me again and I know I should have said thank you but I all I really remember is that I turned to look for my friends and when I turned back you were walking into the store.
So, let me say hello to you now: Hello.
Next let me say, I wasn’t turning my back on you to be ungrateful. I was trying to figure out where my friends were in case they wanted a photo.
Now, let me say Thank You.  I should have never left without saying that.
I am embarrassed this happened this way.
Until next time, where I expect to account for myself in a more roper manner.


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  1. If you've been reading my blog, you know we all have our off days. I've been impressed with her from the first time I saw her on her dad's show. Can't say too much positive about him, but he must be a pretty good father; both his kids seem to have turned out quite well. And I'm sure she's had much worse encounters than yours! That IS a gorgeous photo, too!!