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Monday, May 2, 2011

Steve-O – Good Morning Texas

I and ten other collectors waited outside the studio to get a chance of catching Steve-O.   If you don’t know who he is, then you are neither a Jackass fan nor a Dancing with the Stars fans.  Yes, my wife knows of him – I’m sure you know from where. 
After Steve-O was done with the morning show, he came out greeted us with a deadpanned ’Let’s get this done.’ At first I thought he felt obligated and really didn’t want to be there.  That impression left as soon as I saw him sign; he smiled and shook hands and chatted with everyone and even shared some personal details of his life as he was peppered with questions.
He impressed me with his ability to gracefully pluck a camera from someone’s hands and one handedly point and click a photo of you and him.  It didn’t matter the type of camera, he was skilled and the photos were good. One person accidently shut their camera off and he barely glanced at the camera and clicked it back on.  Obliviously he has a lot of practice which means he’s always out and about with the public.
He signed anything and everything. One collector dropped a stack of 3x5 cards and Steve-o picked them up and signed each one before handing them back to the collector. All done without being asked.
As he finished he started to walk away but people stopped him for ‘just one more photo’ and he would stop and smile and sign and take the photo himself.  It took him 10 minutes to cross the street. As he passed a hotel I saw a valet chase after him for a photo and he kindly stopped and posed.


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  1. So, do you watch Dancing With The Stars with your wife? ;-)