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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 recap

This is the second year I’ve gone to Texas Frightmare Weekend (TFW) and I must agree it’s growing on me.
While I’ve been collecting autographs for a long time, I really haven’t done a lot of the local conventions. Because of some boring experiences with another promoter, I’ve just avoided the local gatherings in favor of San Diego ComicCon (SDCC) or The National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC).
SDCC and NSCC are different animals from these local events and many years ago I jump right into those big shows never really looking back.  I‘m beginning to realize I have missed a lot in the DFW area because of my tunneled vision and snooty attitude.
Last year I attended TFW for the first time.  Some friends from college mentioned it to me as they were planning on driving to DFW for the show.  So I bought tickets to go with them.
I went and did what I needed to do and while I was happy with the guest list I wasn’t too impressed with the show over all. That is because I was comparing TFW to SDCC; like I said 2 different animals.  TFW is a social occasion. You walk around with a beer or two. You plan on hanging out in the bar with the celebs at the end of the day and plan on attending the big convention party. You don’t mind sweating the day away as you’ll go upstairs and shower and get ready for the night.
My SDCC and NSCC mindset is – huge crowds and too much to do in a short amount of time – focus with laser precision and be as efficient as possible to get the ‘work’ done and then relax after the show is over. 
My TFW mindset NEEDS to be - hang out and talk to some really cute actress that just completed an Indie movie and then you get to buy her a beer or better yet she buys you a beer. Flirt, have fun, and laugh.
TWF is a nice relaxing weekend with quality guests and a great way to meet people either in the horror genre or just fans. The guests often make time to talk with you as they share stories or listen to you as you tell them a story. 
There is a vendor room with maybe a 100 vendors.  Even with a limited amount of space for vendors, you can get a tattoo done.  There is one panel room that does the movie screenings, previews, Q&A, and etc.  The celebs are signing in various spot throughout the hotel.
Friday is the best night to get your ‘work’ done. The doors open at 5PM and then the non- VIPs are let in at 6PM.  The crowds start gathering about 7PM.  Getting there early allows you pick up the big names and then you can concentrate on the rest of your wish list the rest of the weekend.
Saturday is a tough day. Saturday has not been productive for me either year.  Last year I didn’t get anyone (I only had John Carpenter remaining on my list) and this year I was ONLY able to get Roger Corman. 
Sunday the crowds are lighter but still heavy. The only issue with Sunday is some guest leave early.
There are some booth babes, there is some Cosplay, they have a Herse car show, and a zombie walk.
Next year’s event will be moving to another, bigger, hotel. It should allow growth and make it easier for people to fly into/out of Dallas for this event.


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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it man, more so this year from the sounds of it. I agree with you man, Friday is the day to get it all done if possible.

    That way Saturday can pretty much just be a day to take it all in.