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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Priest 3D – ComicCon 2010

With the opening of Priest 3D tomorrow night, I dragged out these mini movie posters to show off.
These come from one of those little known autograph session I talk about at San Diego ComicCon
This was a fun one because we had 4 actors and each signed a mini poster of the character they portrayed.
Since you really aren’t supposed to talk to the actors, I whispered to Paul Bettany how much I enjoyed Legion. He leaned forward and he conspiratorially whispered back that if I enjoyed Legion I was REALLY going to like this. 
At the time I didn’t know who Maggie Q was. I knew they were promoting her new TV series Nikita and she was an action star from Hong Kong.  The first thing I noticed was the camera does not do her justice.  She is more beautiful in person.  I know a lot of people tell me that’s often the case but I’ve seen a lot of people in person and the makeup and camera angles hide a lot.  Maggie Q is much prettier in person.   
It took a while for me to recognize Karl Urban. I knew I knew him from somewhere but I couldn’t place the face. Since you never know who will be in the room when you enter the room you just stare and quickly try to flip through your mental rolodex for faces, movies, and names.  It was after I left the room that someone pointed out he was McCoy in the Star Trek reboot.
Cam Gigandet is another actor you know. He does a lot of work and he seems to be in everything and when you look him up you slap your forehead, saying – yeah, that’s where I know him from.



  1. Lucky dog, I've been a fan of Maggie Q since I first saw her in Mission Impossible 3.

  2. I must admit to more than my fair share of luck at times. :) Especially at ComicCon

  3. Those are VERY cool autographs. I have 4 portraits that Jay Harmon did of Kirk, Spock, Worf and Khan. I got Michael Dorn to sign the one of Worf but I'll probably never get the other ones signed. It would have been a great set, though.


  4. You can still get Nimoy and Shatner, they are touring. A shame Ricardo is gone.