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Monday, May 9, 2011

Three sports items TTM

Two weeks ago I got a lot of packages in the mail and only one of them I was expecting.
Yogi Berra
I sent Yogi Berra a baseball to the address on his website to get signed. I don’t often do this as I prefer to get the item signed in person and hopefully exchange a word or two with them. I called to make sure I had everything I needed and I had the correct amount for the money order. The ball was mailed Monday and I got it back signed the next Monday.  That was extremely fast.
Bernie Parent
I also got a signed copied of Bernie Parent’s book, Face Fear, Find Your Purpose in the mail. A friend from college (it’s nice to have friends) works in Philly and often sees Bernie at Flyer’s games. I know my friend, EmKy, mentioned getting a few signed items signed from Bernie in the past.  Bernie often makes the rounds through the suites meeting the fans during the games. It’s nice that the Flyers are fan friendly this way.
My friend gets to sit in the suites now and then.  EmKy took one of those opportunities to get a book signed for me.  This was a wonderful surprise and I’m looking forward to reading this inspirational book. 
Monte Irvin
The same day I got the Parent book I got a package from Kae’s Uncle in San Antonio.  He sent a signed copy of Nice Guys Finish First by Monte Irvin.  Kae’s Uncle has a mutual friend with Monte who made the introductions.
JaeBee, Kae’s Uncle, is a charming and personal guy.  He’s affable and it’s amazing the people he gets to meet. JaeBee had lunch with Monte and they hit it off famously.  I envision them talking for hours and hours, talking baseball, sharing stories about places they’ve been, and things they have done in life.
They met a second time and JaeBee brought Monte’s book and had it personalized for me.
All three items were unexpected and wonderful additions to my collection.
I must admit it’s nice to have friends that feed my passion/addiction.
Thank you JaeBee and EmKy, i truly appreciate you gift and friendship.

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