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Monday, June 20, 2011

#SDCC Cheat Alpha

These aren’t really cheats as anyone can do them and you won’t get in trouble.
Those amazing autograph raffles I love so much.
When you get there first thing in the morning you need to find a copy of the daily update and see what raffles they are offering and when. The raffles often occur before the floor opens; around 9AM. So if you are in the Sails Pavilion (upstairs) waiting for the doors to open at 10AM, you might as well try to win a few limited access autographs.
Past raffles have been for Stan Lee, the cast of G4TV, Charlene Harris (True Blood), Stephanie Myers, Mythbusters, etc.
The raffle takes no skill and you know immediately if you won or not.
Someone holds a bag filled with tickets and a person next to then is holding the wristbands.  Some raffle tickets are marked as a winner and some are not.  They usually have about 250 to 500 winning tickets.  A line forms in front of the person with the bag and you reach in and pull out a ticket. If it’s a winner, you usually get a wrist band telling you where and when to show up.
Pretty simple.
If you lose, be patient and go back to the end of the line. You will be surprised how many people give up after one attempt.  I saw one raffle drawing and everyone gave up. The bag person was begging people in the crowd to get a wristband.
Other times the line is so long and chaotic you might not get a chance to pull even once. Most times though you will get several chances to draw a ticket out of the bag.
The autograph is free. 95% of the time they will provide you something to have signed, you don’t need to buy anything. What they provide is a promotional poster or photo.  And about 50% of the time they will only sign the item they provide.
Authors are a little different; you usually need to buy their book. Every time I have seen an author at a raffle signing, they usually have copies for sale at the signing table.
This is a low stress activity. Enjoy it.
Good Luck

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