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Sunday, June 19, 2011

#SDCC letter of the day Z for Zombie

Easily this post could be all about the zombie related books, graphic novels, TV, and movies you’ll see at SDCC.
It could be about the zombie walk outside the convention center.
But it’s about sleep deprivation and being an SDCC Zombie.
It’s usually the younger fanboy/girl that are victims of being a zombie but some of us veterans fall prey too.  It is fairly easy. With so many things to do and that you want to do, it’s easy to skimp on sleep.  And that decision can bankrupt you.
Can you really live on Red Bull? Many try.  In the short term it can help to cheat on sleep.
But think about how long you’ve been depriving yourself before you attempt a few ComicCon all-nighters.
Have you been getting good sleep the week before?
Have you been working like a dog at the office to clear the desk before you go to SD?  Are you up half the night searching the web for SDCC related gossip and tidbits?  Are you too excited to sleep and just toss and turn?  How early did you get up for the flight or drive to SD?
Chances are you weren’t perfectly rested before getting to SDCC.  You have already tapped into your adrenaline reserves.  The B12 and other vitamins and the caffeine you are taking are only stop gaps. SDCC is 5 days long; a marathon. That’s a long time for a stop gap.
I’ve seen some hit the wall on Thursday.  All they attended was Preview Night and whatever parties they found. Do you want to sleep though those movie previews?  Or the panel about your favorite TV show?  Walk past Stan Lee and not realize it?
People sleep and snore in the dark cool panel rooms. They fight sleep like petulant kids; head bobbing, maybe a little drool dripping, and quiet muttering about ‘resting their eyes’.
They walk around with eyes glazed, a vapid smile, and a programmed pace as they move to the next room but not realizing what they are missing.
They are the SDCC Zombies.
Get some sleep every night. Attempt to get at least 5 hours every night. I know it’s hard.  I also know for some of you 5 hours of sleep is the norm. But remember the physical activity you are putting your body through at ComicCon.  You are doing more walking and carrying around more stuff than you normally do.
It’s also hard to get 5 hours as there is so much going on after 7PM each day. Extra-curricular activities; the amount of time to get back to your hotel;  the chill period; planning for the next day all keep you up later than you want.
Morning comes too early as you need to factor in travel time to the convention center and how early you want to get in line to ensure you get to your panels.
One thing to help with early mornings is trade with friends who will be the first to show up.  Thursday Amy gets up early. Friday, Sam is up before the others, etc.  The rest can sleep an extra hour or so.  Someone can bring breakfast (Subway in Gaslamp opens early for SDCC) and that saves time as the others can sleep.
Getting a hotel closer to the convention center does help. It eliminates the 45 minute trolley ride or the wait for the hotel shuttles. You control your schedule better if you can walk.
If you really want to be first in line, then camp out with a sleeping bag and use ear plugs.  Be anti-social and really try to sleep. In reality, most people talk all night and just hang out. You might just want to pay someone to hold your place in line and go sleep.
Review those night time activities. How many of those parties do you really want to attend? Do you really need to watch anime at 3AM?
Take care of yourself and get some sleep. Once you are an SDCC Zombie do you want to return to work that way? Think about taking an extra day off work to rest and recuperate.



  1. Sounds like a real endurance test man, all too familar with those kind.

  2. I was semi-zombie my first year. My wife kept me from becoming a zombie my second year with a short leash. Every year it's a battle against zombieness.