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Saturday, June 18, 2011

#SDCC letter of the day Y for Yellow Journalism

I could take a stab at the press that doesn’t get it and even if they do get it their bosses don’t and always make SDCC look silly.
But I want to really mention the daily update that SDCC puts out.
It’s great and it’s an insult to call it yellow journalism. I found ‘Y’ as hard as ‘X’. So sue me.
I get the update first thing every morning.  Besides having a nice ’at a glance’ grid showing the panels and their locations for the day, it also has the cancellations, updates, and insertions.
As an autograph collector I find this invaluable. I learn about previously unannounced autographs.  Many of these are the studio autographs I have detailed in previous posts.
As I enter the building I pick up a copy from the little newsstands they place near many of the entrances. As I’m walking I’m flipping through the 4 pages. It’s not complicated and they have a standard format.  Within a minute I know what I need to know and I’m on the move.
If autographs aren’t your priority, they give a recap of the previous day.  If you missed something, you still might have a chance to see it.
Do you cosplay?  The daily update has photos and maybe you are now famous.
It will tell you if a panel is cancelled or a guest can’t make it. This will help you with your Plan B and Plan C.
The ‘at a glance’ grid is great for when are changing plans. It’s very easy to use and you won't waste time pulling out her program guide. I usually keep my daily update in my back pocket.
I bet you find it useful too.


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