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Saturday, June 4, 2011

SDCC letter of the day K for Keep

It is so easy to bit off more than you can chew at SDCC. My advice is Keep it Simple. Level set your expectations.
Walking the floor takes hours.  That’s what is so cool about SDCC.  Even without the crowds you would be hunched over some table somewhere totally enthralled.  The variety of items displayed is amazing.  Regardless of what brings you to ComicCon, you will find something there to distract you on the convention floor.
If you have a preview night badge then I would spend that night walking the tables and learning the lay of the land.  The crowds are smallest albeit still large on preview night and as you get away from the corporate booths the crowds thin.  If you find something interesting, I will remind you to write down the booth number for later. It’s hard to retrace your paths and when the crowds increase it’s harder to find those landmarks.
Keep it simple when you walk up to your favorite artist or celeb. I know it’s hard when the adrenaline is pumping and you are finally meeting so-and-so for the first time. You have so much to tell them about how they influenced you or gave you a new perceptive on life.  You really want to tell them how you want to be just like them when grow up.  Try to keep it simple. Tell then the basics. Or ask one question.  See if they are responsive before jumping in.  They will let you know if they want to hear more. If worse comes to worse and they don’t have time or they aren’t intrigued by you, don’t take it personal.  They have places to be too or the might be having a bad day.
Keep it simple when packing for the big show. It’s tempting to bring every comic and book you have to get signed by that author or artist. First think about the wear and tear those items will take when you are traveling.  Then think about the wear and tear they will experience while you are walking around ComicCon.  Chances are you can buy those items at the show which might be the simplest thing to do.
Now think about the weight.  How close is your hotel or car?  Not as close as you want when you have 40 pounds of books.  If you really need them all signed then use the baggage check at the convention center until the time comes to get in line. Your back will thank you at the end of the day.
Keep your daily agenda fairly simple (and flexible).  Between the crowds and the size of the convention it takes more time than you think to get from Point A to Point B.  Don’t plan on going from Hall H to the Warner’s Bro booth within 5 minutes. If you at trying to get autographs at Warner’s or their swag, then plan on checking out the booths nearby to pass the time.
Keep a lot of buffer in your schedule and plan on delays. Again, you want to create a Plan A, Plan, and Plan C. I know that sounds like the antithesis of simple. It I and it ain’t.  It is complicated you need to make those plans. It’s simple when the time comes to change your horse mid-stream; you will already have your decisions made. You won’t be flipping through your program book trying to find something to do.
Keeping it simple will decrease the heartburn and let you enjoy more of the show.

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